Updated August 4, 2010:  Added a John K Flintstones commission.

Art Adams

Man-Thing pin-up
The man never fails to amaze me. Look at the fine detail in his pen work. One of the most influential artists of the 80's.


Mike Allred

Marvel Knights 4 #24 cover
Allred "covering" Kirby on the FF... with Impy! What could be better? I contacted Mike as soon as I saw the solicitation for this book and he was kind enough to give me first shot at this cover.

Brian Bolland

Batman: Black & White, page 1
I never thought I'd own a Bolland page, especially since he began inking all his pieces digitally, but Albert Moy had this extremely affordable piece and I snatched it up.

Travis Charest & Richard Friend

Wildcats #3, page 10
I traded my old Charest page to another collector to help him complete a sequence. I got this one in return.

Will Eisner

The Spirit #59 cover
After Eisner passed away in January 2005, I regretted that I hadn't done more to immerse myself in his work. I had read a few of his graphic novels, but did not own any of his art. I contacted his agent Denis Kitchen and rectified that situation post haste.

Will Eisner

The Spirit spot illustration
The genius is gone, but at least we can still enjoy his body of work. Again, thanks to Denis Kitchen.


Ramona Fradon

Metamorpho pin-up
I picked this up at WonderCon 2006 from Ms. Fradon herself. She's still got all the chops she had in the 50's when she worked on Aquaman. Tremendous.

Hughes Talia

Adam Hughes

Talia con sketch
I've been after a Hughes sketch for years. I haven't given up, but I picked this one off eBay in 2009.


Jack Kirby & Chic Stone

Amazing Adventures #4, page 12
A nice Inhumans page I received from a buddy as payment for his hotel room at Comic-Con 2001 and 2002.

John K Flintstones

John Kricfalusi

Flintstones commission
John K doing what he does best: funny drawings!
Also check out the Spidey piece he did for me.


Jack Kirby & Mike Royer

Jimmy Olsen #147, page 8
Look... real Kirby Superman faces! From the only issue where DC didn't have Supe's face redone. It's been years, but I'm pretty sure I got this from Albert Moy.


Jack Kirby & Mike Royer

Demon #9, page 16
Got this from Albert Moy in San Diego, 2001. My first and only Kirby splash. Gotta love that Kirby Krackle!


Jack Kirby & D. Bruce Berry(?)

Silver Star #3, page 5
This is the first piece of comic art I ever bought.
Courtesy of fellow Comicart-L lister Curtis Wong.


Jack Kirby & Steve Rude

Who's Who in the D.C. Universe pin-up
The King and the Dude. This Fourth World piece was published in the mid-80's. Picked it up on eBay.


Jack Kirby & Mike Royer(?)

The Eternals #9, page 17
Loads of Kirby Krackle and some great faces on this page. Picked-up from a fellow Comicart lister.


Jack Kirby & Mike Royer(?)

Black Panther #3, page 13
An eBay pick-up. Check out the power of Kirby's splash.


Mike Mignola

Hellboy pin-up
Traded Albert Moy a nice Alex Toth Conan page for this
at the San Diego Comic-Con, 2002.


Eric Powell

The Goon, #11, page 4
Got this one from Eric in San Diego, July 2005. Despite the Goon's success, he is a kind, gracious man to each and every fan.


Eric Powell

The Goon commission
Eric did this piece for me in April 2005.


Eduardo Risso

100 Bullets #32, page 21
Got this from Enrico at Red Sector Art. I choose it for it's standalone nature. Plus the dialogue is funny as Hell.


Joe Staton & Steve Mitchell

Green Lantern #131, page 3
I won this at a Creation Con art contest when I was 13 years old. The judges were Jack Kirby and Ernie Chan.

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